THE MANCHU SOUP (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Hot and sour soup with crispy noodles 180/220/250
YUMIGENG (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Sweet corn soup 160/175/200
TONTON SOUP (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Clear soup with steamed wontons 200/230/260
POW POW (Corn/ Chicken / Seafood) Fried and sauteed with garlic, onions, chillies 275/350/400
KING OF CHILLI (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Sweet corn soup 160/175/200
CRISPY CONJEE LAMB Crispy lamb tossed in spicy black pepper sauce 440
CHICKEN 1965 Classic chindian chicken served with onion and lemon garnish 320
TONTON SOUP (Tofu / Chicken / Seafood) Tossed in homemade spicy chilli sauce 320/350/400
NAWABI FISH Classic chindian fish seasoned with ginger, garlic and curry leaves 400
CRISPY TONTONS (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Crispy wontons 225/250/300
STEAMED TONTONS - tossed in chilli garlic (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Steamed wontons 215/240/290
SESAME STREET (Potatoes / Fish) Tossed in honey and chilli sauce and garnished with sesame seeds 275/400
DRAGON CHICKEN Fried chicken tossed in sweet and spicy butter sauce 370
THAI CURRY RED / GREEN (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Classic thai curries 475/525/575
GIGI'S SPECIAL (Tofu / Chicken / Seafood) Deep fried and sauteed in a special ginger sauce 350/380/450
CHENGDU (Tofu / Chicken / Seafood) Stir-fried in spicy sichuan sauce 350/380/450
GONG BAO (Chicken / Seafood) Spicy stir-fried dish with peanuts, vegetables, and chili peppers. 400/450
YUMMY TUMMY (Tofu / Chicken / Seafood) Stir-fried dish in garlic sauce 350/380/450
TAI WEH Sliced, roasted lamb in black pepper sauce, garnished with scallions 450
PHILLIPPE'S BEJING CHICKEN Diced chicken in sweet bean sauce garnished with walnuts 400
CHICKEN COBETTE Diced chicken sauteed in bell pepper sauce 420
SPICY BUTTERED NOODLES (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Buttered noodles with fried garlic and charred chili peppers 185/220/250
PHAD THAI (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Stir-fried thai rice noodles 300/350/390
MESSY NOODLES + RICE (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Street-style hakka noodles, fried rice and crispy noodles in a spicy sichuan sauce 290/340/380
CANTONESE FRIED RICE (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Stir-fried with chinese vegetables and tossed in soy sauce 290/340/380
SICHUAN STYLE RICE / NOODLES (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) Stir-fried in spicy sichuan pepper sauce 185/220/250
FRIED RICE (Veg/ Egg/ Chicken/ Seafood) Classic fried rice 175/190/220/250
AMERICAN STYLE CHOPSUEY (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) A bed of crispy noodles topped with vegetables tossed in tomato sauce 250/290/330
CHINESE STYLE CHOPSUEY (Veg / Chicken / Seafood) A bed of crispy noodles topped with vegetables tossed in white garlic sauce 260/300/340
MOLTEN CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH SALTED CARAMEL Warm chocolate cake filled with chocolate and salted caramel sauce. Served with natural vanilla ice cream 250
CLASSIC CRÈME BRULEE Rich vanilla custard base topped with a contrasting layer of hard caramel 300
BERRY CHEESECAKE New york style cheesecake topped with mixed berry compote 290
CHEESECAKE WITH CHOCOLATE GANACHE Cheesecake topped with dark chocolate ganache and caramalized popcorm 275
LYCHEE PANACOTTA WITH POMEGRANATE JELLY Lychee flavored panacotta topped with pomegranate jelly 225
CHOCOLATE SENSATION Chocolate fudge topped with milk chocolate cremeux 250
RED VELVET LAVA Warm red velvet lava cake. Served with a dollop of cream cheese. 275